A W Slemko Builders was started in 1981by Al Slemko.†


Al first worked in planning and land development in the city of Edmonton after completing a business degree at the University of Alberta. In 1981, Al decided to start a business and pursue his desire to creatively build things of high quality at a standard

people would appreciate. He worked as a one man team for many years relying on word of mouth referrals. Al has grown the business to what it is today, a thriving company with a strong team of people. Not only does Al enjoy his work he also is very active in the community. He has been involved in neighborhood planning issues which led to a six year term on the City of Edmontonís Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. Al demonstrated his leadership skills as the chair for the board for three years. His experience with the board reinforced his belief in the importance of high quality buildings that are well designed and which compliment the community. We are happy to expand again with the introduction of an interior decorating service.†


Megan Clark joins the company with a degree from the University of Alberta in Human Ecology.† Human Ecology is an interdisciplinary applied field that uses a holistic approach to help people solve problems and enhance human potential within their near environments - their clothing, family, home, and community. Human Ecologists promote the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through education, prevention, and empowerment.†††


Braden Slemko has completed his Construction Engineering Technology Diploma and his Red Seal Journeyman Carpentry Ticket.† Braden is passionate† about building and design.


A house can have such strong negative or positive effect on an individual, family, community and city as a whole. With this passion A W Slemko Builders will continue to† make a positive impact through aesthetics, comfort, functionality and sustainability.